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Myndy Crist35mm film frames.svg

Detroit5  de febreru de 1975

(45 años)
Nacionalidá Bandera de Estaos Xuníos d'América Estaos Xuníos
Casáu/ada con Josh Stamberg
Estudios UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television Traducir
Oficiu actriz, actriz de televisiónactriz de cine
IMDb nm0188041
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Myndy Crist (Detroit, 5 de febreru de 1975) ye una actriz estauxunidense de cine y televisión. Creció nel Condáu de Marin, California, y graduóse na Escuela de Cine y Teatru de UCLA. Myndy ta casada col actor Josh Stamberg.[1][2]

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Cine[editar | editar la fonte]

Añu !Títulu !Rol

1996 Static Betty Jennings
1997 Line, TheThe Line Corto
2000 Gun Shy Myrna
2000 Hanging Up Kelly
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2007 The Jane Austen Book Club Lynne
2013 Dark Skies Karen Jessop
2015 Day Out of Days Jen

Televisión[editar | editar la fonte]

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1995 Living Single Gail "Llegal Briefs"
1995 New York Daze Susan "Too Something"
1997 Damian Cromwell's Postcards from America Elizabeth Elkins
1999 King of Queens, TheThe King of Queens Jessica "Female Problems"
1999 ER Valerie Page "How the Finch Stole Christmas"
2000 ER Valerie Page "The Apodero Heart"
2001 Taking Back Our Town Lisa LaVie
2001 Ball & Chain Mallory Bulson
2002 The Guardian Doris Greene "In Llocu Parentis"
2002 Baseball Wives Nicole Camden
2002 Breaking News Janet LeClaire
2003 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Carrie Huitt "Futility"
2003 Without a Trace Sarah Sellars "Confidence"
2003 Two and a Half Men Wendy "Phase One, Complete"
2003-2004 Six Feet Under
2004 Cold Case Dana Hunter "Factory Girls"
2004 House Elise Snow "Fidelity"
2004 NYPD Blue Carly Landis "Fish Out of Water"
2005 NYPD Blue Carly Landis "Stoli with a Twist"
2005 24 Melissa "Day 4: 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m."
2005 CSI: Miami Karla Jane Gardner "Identity"
2005 Crossing Jordan Andrea Carruthers "Death Goes On"
2006 Grey's Anatomy Mrs. Hanson "Staring at the Sun"
2009 Eleventh Hour Veronica Reeves "Miracle"
2009 Mentalist, TheThe Mentalist Jessie Skelling "Carnelian, Inc."
2009 Drop Dead Diva Mindy Billmeyer "The 'F' Word"
2010 Bones Grace Redmon "The Predator in the Pool"
2010 My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2 Carolyn Bell
2010 The Whole Truth Melanie "Young Love"
2011 NCIS: Los Angeles Emily Chambers "Enemy Within"
2013 Emily Owens, M.D. "Emily

and... The Perfect Storm"

2014 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Rebecca Brewer "The Book of Shadows"
2015 NCIS Jennifer Vickers "Non Good Deed"
2015 The Night Shift Lisa Edwards "Moving On"

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