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Bots[editar la fonte]

Sasso Bot wants authorization, and is asking on meta. Please take a look and respond. Regards, Sj 02:21, 22 xineru 2009 (UTC)

Was just going to message him as you requested, but looks like you beat me too it. -Djsasso 02:30, 22 xineru 2009 (UTC)

Francesco Bellissimo[editar la fonte]

Dear Esbardu,

The article Francesco Bellissimo is a cross-wiki spam (self-promotion). More details: [1], [2], [3], en:Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Francesco Bellissimo, fr:Wikipédia:Pages à supprimer/Francesco Bellissimo. Could you create a deletion discussion?

Best regards, AntiCross 08:56, 8 marzu 2009 (UTC)

Arxentinu[editar la fonte]

Bones Esbardu, nun sé si tas activu o non, pero pa cuando pases per equí y lo lleas... Col bot hai que facer un camudamientu de tolos "arxentinu" por "arxentín". Un saludu --Vsuarezp 12:22, 28 marzu 2009 (UTC)

Botflag for Almabot[editar la fonte]

Hello, can you please grant the bot flag to Almabot per this request with no objections so far and this request at meta. Thanks in avance. Nakor 16:27, 28 xunu 2009 (UTC)