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Esta cuenta ye un bot del usuariu [[User:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]] ([[User_talk:{{{1}}}|alderique]]). Esta cuenta nun ye un títere, sinón que ye una cuenta automatizada o semi-automatizada pa facer delles operaciones complicaes o demasiao trabayoses de forma automática.
Alministradores: si esti bot nun furrula bien, por favor bloquiáilu.

Thijs!bot is a manually controlled bot of Thijs! creating interwiki-links on many languages. It mostly works on articles that have not been interlinked at all. It uses pywikipedia. It's controller speaks and writes English, German and Dutch and understands the basics of Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Spanish and Italian, on a level sufficiently high to control this bot responsibly.

If you have any question to the controller of this bot, please put them on his Dutch user page.