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Hi, I'm DragonflySixtyseven on Wikipedia, where I am (as of right now) not yet an admin. However, that will most likely change within the next 30 hours.

I wear glasses, and I like eating apples, and last night I went shopping. It was raining, so I took an umbrella with me (although it was slightly damaged). It was black (and still is).

Sometimes I go on and on and on and on and on, talking about nothing for long periods of time. But hey.

I love my girlfriend very much.

2007 Update

It's been almost seventeen months since I last wrote something here.

I was indeed promoted to admin within about 30 hours of having written the section above.

Since then, I have deleted a very large number of pages, protected a medium number of others, unprotected a bunch of others, undeleted some others, edited lots of pages that were protected, and blocked lots and lots and lots of accounts - although (number of accounts blocked) is definitely ≠ (number of people blocked). I've also participated in other WMF projects here and there.

I still wear glasses, although they're a different pair now. I still like eating apples. Last night I went shopping; I bought a bottle of diet generic lemon-lime drink (to mix with the bottles of juice I have), and a box of orange juice that I got free with a coupon.

I no longer have that particular umbrella, although its wreckage is still black.

I still love my girlfriend very much.

2011 Update

It's been four years since I wrote that last update. I'm still an admin on English Wikipedia. Also, I still love my girlfriend, although it's a lot more difficult now because it's been just over eighteen months since she died.

Epilepsy is a very savage ailment.

2015 Update

I'm still an admin on English Wikipedia, and I do a lot of file renames on Commons (which leads to automatic edits on other Wikipedias, which is probably why you're here). I still miss my girlfriend, and I'm sure I always will, but the pain is much less raw. I still wear glasses, although I got a new pair again.

And now I have cats.

2019 Update

Goodness, this page is 14 years old. I've moved to a new residence and brought my cats with me. Also, I met someone new, and she said yes, so that's good.