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Nun sé porque apaez en colloráu lo d'entamos, intenté igualo pero nun fui quien. --Vsuarezp 21:00, 6 xineru 2008 (UTC)

Ye porque rsg modificó'l nome de la categoría onde tán los entamos. ya lo iguo agora --Esbardu (alderiques) 22:37, 6 xineru 2008 (UTC)

Torna de la selmana[editar la fonte]

¿Qué facemos con esi apartáu? Va tiempue que naide nun se pon con él y si nun lu trabayamos val más quitalu ¿non?. --Vsuarezp 18:20, 26 febreru 2008 (UTC)

Home, ye dalgu defícil...per mí sí.Pitalaxunta.pngFrankzalekz Grieska!18:27, 26 febreru 2008 (UTC)

Quincena a sestaferia[editar la fonte]

Yá metí a la Quincena nesti portal. Un saludu. --Vsuarezp 05:54, 5 marzu 2008 (UTC)

w:es:Wikiproyecto:Wikimedia en langues régionales de España[editar la fonte]

I invite to participate. And create table for wikipedia of Hispanoamérica.--Kaiyr (talk) 12:13, 26 September 2014 (UTC)

List of people born in Asturia, Occitania, Breizh, Wales...[editar la fonte]

Sorry I don't speak Asurian; my first language is Welsh. I can create a table with the above names, dates etc similar to this one on the br-wiki if you like. It will mean creating two 'Wikidata list' templates. If you don't like them, they can be deleted. Only a few words need to be translated. Shall I go ahead on my user-space? If so what is the Asturian for 'List of Asturian people'? Llywelyn2000 (alderique) 18:56 22 mar 2016 (UTC)

Sorry Llywelyn2000, I missed your request until today. Of course it would be great to have such list. Does it take the people data from Wikidata? If so we will need to improve data there a lot.
The translation for "List of Asturian people" is "Llista d'asturianos" or, in a longer but gender neutral way, "Llista de persones nacíes n'Asturies". Please, don't hesitate to send me a direct message for any translation you need. --Xuacu (alderique) 19:33 20 abr 2016 (UTC)
So glad to hear from you! Yes, the data comes from Wikidata (all referenced, just like WP!) so much of my time now goes on getting birth dates and place of birth on Wikidata (WD), rather than Wikipedia. I'm a bit tired now - been at it since 5.00 am non stop; wife just arrived etc etc (! such is life!) I'll get it done first thing tomorrow. There are two templates which will need translating - very simple and short! I look forward! Llywelyn2000 (alderique) 20:17 20 abr 2016 (UTC)
Done! See: Llista de persones nacíes n'Asturies. You can see that the template needed is very small, just 10 lines of wiki-code! The Qcode which looks for people born in Asturia is Q3934. Please change the English wording on the template (eg 'Date of birth, Date of death, Category..'). If you changed Q3934 (on another page!) to Q25 it would produce a lsit o people born in Wales. Maybe I'll do that one, so you can then follow with Galego, Catalonia, Euskara, Gaelic... If you did large countries (France etc), it will only give you the first 3,000 people. To get more people born in Asturia, find the people in Wikidata, and add a field (last + amestar button), type 'llugar de nacimientu' and then the actual place of birth / Asturia. It will then appear in the list. To refresh the list press 'Manually update list' - then go and make a coffee! It takes 4 or 5 minutes! Please do come back to me on my home page if I can help further! Viva la diversity! Llywelyn2000 (alderique) 05:38 21 abr 2016 (UTC)

Collaborazzion con la Wikipedia in Lombard[editar la fonte]

Ciao a tucc, mi son el Sciking, amministrador de la Wikipedia in lombard. In questa settimana hemm fad ona collaborazzion con la Wikipedia galega e l'è andada ben, donca vorevi domandavv se per la settimana 24/04-1/5 ve piasaria far ona collaborazzion con num! :) --Sciking (alderique) 14:02 20 abr 2016 (UTC)

Asturiano Asturleones[editar la fonte]


Me gustaría saber si se puede cambiar el nombre de la lengua a Asturleonés en vez de Asturiano. El termino Asturleonés es mas inclusivo y preferido por los lingüistas profesionales.


Jcfll44 (alderique) 17:28 18 och 2018 (UTC)Jcfll44

Ye cierto que llingüísticamente se fala d'asturlleonés, mesmo ta'l términu técnicu d'ástur, pa nomar a tol dominiu llingüísticu. Pero la wikipedia, una wikipedia, nun necesariamente tien que nomase/recoyer/tar escrita asina. El dominiu llingüísticu asturlleonés, amás, preséntase con trés proyectos wikipédicos en trés variedaes de so:
  • ésta, la wikipedia n'asturianu, onde s'usa la variante del norte y col estándar propuestu pola Academia de la Llingua Asturiana;
  • la segunda n'apaecer, la wikipedia en mirandés (biquipédia an mirandés), onde s'usa la variante de les tierres de Miranda de l Douro, en Portugal;
  • y la tercera en tener esistencia, la wikipedia n'estremeñu (güipipeya en estremeñu), onde s'usa la variante más del sur del dominiu.
Poro, nun podemos cambiar equí'l nome de "wikipedia n'asturianu" a "wikipedia n'asturlleonés" porque lo mesmo habíemos facer nesos otros dos proyectos, ¿non? Esti proyectu llámase wikipedia n'asturianu porque nél s'usa, como dixi enantes y vuelvo repitir, la variante norte col estándar de l'Academia de la Llingua Asturiana, d'ehí qu'esti proyectu cueya esi nome, de la mesma manera que los proyectos hermanos cueyen el nome de wikipedia en mirandés y wikipedia n'estremeñu.--Limotecariu (¡Vamos parolar!) 13:44 4 pay 2018 (UTC)

Celtic Knot Wikimedia Language Conference 2019[editar la fonte]

Please translate to your own language! Apology for writing in English!

Celtic Knot 2019 ph.png

The third Celtic Knot Language Conference will be held this year at Penryn Campus, Cornwall on the 4th & 5th of July 2019.

More information can be found here. See you there! Llywelyn2000 (alderique) 09:13 6 xun 2019 (UTC)