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Symbole-faune.png Welcome on my page!

Subjects I contribute to are history, nature, authors, artists, baseball and softball and more. Since I am mostly active on the Dutch-language version nl-Wikipedia, please contact me here if you need me for help or if you have a question.

Afáyate MoiraMoira na Wikipedia n'asturianu. Esta ye la to páxina d'alderique, equí van escribite los otros usuarios. Amás, tienes la to páxina d'usuariu, onde pues poner los tos datos, intereses, les llingües que fales, etc. Si tienes duldes consulta l'ayuda.

  • Lo primero qu'habríes facer ye mirar esti manual pa saber cómo collaborar con nós.
  • Si quies un sitiu afayadizu onde falar colos demás usuarios, facer suxerencies o consultar les duldes que tengas, ve al Chigre de Wikipedia.
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  • Pa contestar al mensaxe d'un usuariu tienes que lo facer na so páxina d'alderique, si non, nun-y saldrá l'avisu de que tien mensaxes nuevos y igual nun s'entera. Pón-ylo al final de la páxina pa que tea más bono d'atopar. Que nun se t'escaeza firmar el mensaxe poniendo ~~~~ a lo último, o calcar nel botón que s'amuesa na imaxe. Recuerda que los artículos NUN se firmen. Los comentarios, SÍ
  • If you don't speak our language, you can visit our Embassy

Blocked[editar la fonte]

I have blocked you because you deleted the article Artur Balder in Spanish wikipedia and one wikipedian has complain about this, asking for your blocking. I will unblock but please, don't remove the article, it is a true article, not self-promoting article or other type that must be delete. --Bar 11:50, 26 xunetu 2011 (UTC)

Can you direct me to the local admin policy where it says you are allowed to block a global sysop who properly identified herself on her user page as well who just does some cleaning out work (removing cross wiki promo spam) for indefinite time perhaps without warning without reason given out of the blue? Because if there is no such policy or if you don't have one in place at all I take it up onto meta level. MoiraMoira 12:15, 26 xunetu 2011 (UTC)
¿Without reason?. See Alderique:Artur Balder please. --Bar 07:49, 27 xunetu 2011 (UTC)