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Himnu de Xibuti

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Himnu de Xibuti
Tipu himnu nacional
Idioma Somalín
Lletrista Aden Elmi
Compositor Abdi Robleh
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Djibouti ye l'himnu nacional de la República de Xibuti dende qu'esi país s'independizara de Francia en 1977. La lletra, en somalín, ye d'Aden Elmi y la música d'Abdi Robleh.

Treslliteración inglesa dende'l somalín

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Arise with strength; For we have raised our flag,
The flag which has cost us dear
With extremes of thirst and pain.
Our flag, whose colours are the everlasting green of the earth,
The blue of the sky, and white, the colour of peace;
And in the centre the red star of blood.
Oh flag of ours, what a glorious sight!

Lletra orixinal en somalín

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Hinjinne u sara kaca
Calankaan harraad iyo
Haydaar u mudateen.
Hir cagaarku qariyayiyo
Habkay samadu tahayoo
Xiddig dhi igleh hoorshoo
Caddaan lagu hadheeyaay.
Mxaa haybad kugu yaal!


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