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Etiqueta: Entrega de mensaxes en masa
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== Wikidata weekly summary #479 ==
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<div style="margin-top:10px; padding-left:5px; font-family:Georgia, Palatino, Palatino Linotype, Times, Times New Roman, serif;">''Here's your quick overview of what has been happening around Wikidata over the last week.''</div>
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* '''[[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Events|Events]]'''
** Next [[d:Wikidata:Events#Office_hours|Wikidata and Wikibase office hour]] on July 28th at 16:00 UTC (18:00 Berlin time) in the [https://t.me/joinchat/IeCRo0j5Uag1qR4Tk8Ftsg Wikidata Telegram group]
** The [https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/WBUG_2021.07.29 next Wikibase live session] is at 16:00 UTC on Thursday 29th July 2021 (18:00 Berlin time). This month, we welcome [[d:User:Lucamauri|Luca Mauri]] to give a presentation about installing Wikibase from scratch.
** 2021 LD4 Conference on Linked Data in Libraries
*** [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJUszx6l_Po Issues and Challenges in optimum utilization of Linked Data in Indian libraries]
*** [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmoSdoUcslY Tutorial: Introduction to the Wikidata lexicographical data project]
*** [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B59vEET-nEk Tutorial: Wikidata: Intro to the Basics]
*** [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZukSQB8fki8 Tutorial: Writing Data to Wikidata Using Spreadsheets]
*** [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eujbI5wQfBU Wikibase: Free, Flexible and Collaborative Linked Data]
*** [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeDXzInR_mA Rune inscriptions in Wikidata / Wikibase; Sampo Model and Portal Series on the Semantic Web]
*** [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjbR4ASe4lE Wikidata In Classroom • Creating Linked Data from Books and Magazines]
*** [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ludJFf06w94 LD4 meeting: Wikidata Affinity Group]
** Introduction to Wikidata (in Indonesian) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Z2OwpnsUMQ part 1], [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sw-uuOvKYyU part 2], [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HS3lYlaEOHE part 3]
** Upcoming: Next Linked Data for Libraries [[Wikidata:WikiProject LD4 Wikidata Affinity Group/Affinity Group Calls|LD4 Wikidata Affinity Group]] call: Andra Waagmeester on work with Shape Expressions in Wikidata to describe the genomics of the SARS-CoV-2 virus; [https://docs.google.com/document/d/14wazqg7XJM3Asqq4kFcNHCVgBOGODRp0U8yFc-22WM8/edit?usp=sharing], July 27th.
** COSCUP 2021 OpenStreetMap x Wikidata 2020.07.31-08.01 Online [https://coscup.org/2021/en/ website], [[m:Wikimedia_Taiwan/Wikidata_Taiwan/COSCUP_2021|Meta-wiki]]
** Openstreetmap x Wikidata meetup 2021.08.09 [[d:Q61752245|Mozilla Community Space Taipei (Q61752245)]]
* '''[[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Press coverage|Press, articles, blog posts, videos]]'''
** Blogs
*** [https://blogs.biomedcentral.com/on-physicalsciences/2021/07/20/typed-citations-journal-of-cheminformatics/ Typed Citations in the Journal of Cheminformatics]
*** [https://addshore.com/2021/07/what-happens-in-wikibase-when-you-make-a-new-item/ What happens in Wikibase when you make a new Item?]
*** [https://wikiedu.org/blog/2021/07/22/discovering-new-comics-with-wikidatas-powerful-tools/ Discovering new comics with Wikidata’s powerful tools]
*** [https://www.lorcandempsey.net/metadata-directions/ Two metadata directions. Metadata practice is evolving. I discuss two important trends here: entification and pluralization]
*** [https://mapio.cymru/en/2021/07/dal-i-fapio/ Still mapping!] ''"Our team has been working continuously on improving the number of Welsh place names that appear online since our inception in 2017 as partt of the Welsh Government’s Welsh Government #Cymraeg2050 project"..."we will also use Wikidata to store and share Welsh language information".''
*** [https://www.wikimedia.es/2021/07/22/camino-santiago-wikidata/ Making the Camino de Santiago visible on Wikidata]
* '''Tool of the week'''
** [[d:User:Nikki/LexemeInterwikiLinks.js|User:Nikki/LexemeInterwikiLinks.js]] adds Wiktionary interwiki links in the sidebar on lexeme pages.
* '''Other Noteworthy Stuff'''
** Job opening: [https://twitter.com/wikifunctions/status/1417536522752978946 Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions is hiring software engineers and an engineering manager].
** Job opening: [https://jobs.tepapa.govt.nz/jobtools/jncustomsearch.viewFullSingle?in_organid=17768&in_jnCounter=224745389 Digital Channels Outreach Manager] ("mentions contributing to Wikidata and Wikimedia platforms")
* '''Did you know?'''
** Newest [[d:Special:ListProperties|properties]]:
*** General datatypes: [[:d:Property:P9748|Wikimedia Incubator URL]], [[:d:Property:P9758|symbol represents]], [[:d:Property:P9759|bridge number]]
*** External identifiers: [[:d:Property:P9747|Adventure Corner video game ID]], [[:d:Property:P9749|FRB person ID]], [[:d:Property:P9750|Apple TV episode ID]], [[:d:Property:P9751|Apple TV show ID]], [[:d:Property:P9752|FRB event ID]], [[:d:Property:P9753|Wikidata language code]], [[:d:Property:P9754|Raakvlak inventory number]], [[:d:Property:P9755|Scenic Washington scenic drives and road trips ID]], [[:d:Property:P9756|Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts name ID]], [[:d:Property:P9757|Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts place ID]], [[:d:Property:P9760|Enciclopedia del Cinema ID]]
** New [[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Property proposal|property proposals]] to review:
*** General datatypes: [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Plant life-form|Plant life-form]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/cabinet|cabinet]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/title of a church|title of a church]]
*** External identifiers: [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/VI.BE Platform ID|VI.BE Platform ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Smartify artwork ID|Smartify artwork ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Women Also Know History ID|Women Also Know History ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/IrishTheatre.ie Company ID|IrishTheatre.ie Company ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/BMC Id|BMC Id]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Joods Biografisch Woordenboek ID|Joods Biografisch Woordenboek ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Online Begraafplaatsen cemetery ID|Online Begraafplaatsen cemetery ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Rock Paper Shotgun game ID|Rock Paper Shotgun game ID]]
** Query examples:
*** [https://w.wiki/3gUY List of all stage winners in the Tour de France with links to the list of stages won] ([[:d:User:PAC2/Tour de France|source]])
*** [https://w.wiki/3feT Map of miniature parks] ([https://twitter.com/geospacedman/status/1418145496481337344 Source])
*** [https://w.wiki/Wnw Map of open data portals ]([https://twitter.com/salgo60/status/1418120931692666882 Source])
*** [https://w.wiki/3fei Video games published before 1980, and their authors] ([https://twitter.com/KarlXOblique/status/1418115195998715905 Source])
*** [http://w.wiki/3fAn Protected bridges over the Zadorra river basin] ([https://twitter.com/theklaneh/status/1417510382005018636 Source])
** Newest [[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:WikiProjects|WikiProjects]]: [[d:Wikidata:WikiProject Govdirectory|WikiProject Govdirectory]]
* '''Development'''
** Added a <code>tags</code> parameter to the <code>wbmergeitems</code> API so Item merges can now also get an edit tag ([[phabricator:T286778|T286778]])
** Mismatch Finder: Continued working on the store part. This week we focused on uploading a file with potential mismatches and the UI for getting a list of all uploaded mismatch files.
** Addressing comments from the security review of the Query Builder so we can hopefully soon move it from the test system to its proper place under query.wikidata.org
[[phab:maniphest/query/4RotIcw5oINo/#R|You can see all open tickets related to Wikidata here]]. If you want to help, you can also have a look at [https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/project/board/71/query/zfiRgTnZF7zu/?filter=zfiRgTnZF7zu&order=priority the tasks needing a volunteer].
* '''Monthly Tasks'''
** Add labels, in your own language(s), for the new properties listed above.
** Comment on property proposals: [[d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Overview|all open proposals]]
** Contribute to a [[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Showcase items|Showcase item]].
** Help [[d:Special:LanguageStats|translate]] or proofread the interface and documentation pages, in your own language!
** [[d:User:Pasleim/projectmerge|Help merge identical items]] across Wikimedia projects.
** Help [[d:Wikidata:Status updates/Next|write the next summary!]]
<div style="margin-top:10px; font-size:90%; padding-left:5px; font-family:Georgia, Palatino, Palatino Linotype, Times, Times New Roman, serif;">'''[[:d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Status updates/2021 07 26|Read the full report]]''' · [[m:Global message delivery/Targets/Wikidata|Unsubscribe]] · [[:d:User:Mohammed Sadat Abdulai (WMDE)|Mohammed Sadat Abdulai (WMDE)]] 15:05 26 xnt 2021 (UTC)
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