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m (iguo testu: O.S. => U.S.)
## Many books about [[World War II|WWII]], and other wars, focus on the military battles and campaigns. This one focuses on support roles that gave the [[Allies]] the edge when the [[Axis Powers|Axis]] seemed to be ahead in so many senses.
## [[Russia]] relocated their industry far from the front.
## There was a structure of [[Scientific Management]] in the OU.S.A., unheard of in the [[Axis Powers]].
## [[Axis Powers|Axis]] nations military, particularly in [[Japan]], had an adversarial relationship that was more important to them than the best interests of their nations.
## [[Allied]] interception of coded radio signals, and strict secrecy of what they learned from this.
## In [[Nazi Germany]] non reputable [[Aryan]] wanted to have anything to do with science that had been invented by a Jew. This is one reason why [[Hitler]] never developed the [[Atomic Bomb]].
# [[The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Pentagon]] by [["Jeff Cateau"]] and [[Michael Levin]]. An entertaining explanation of the U.S. military and how it is run.
# '''Get Yamamoto''' by Burke Davis, Published by Random House in 1969. During WW II, the OU.S.A. intercepted top secret communications about a tour of forward bases to be conducted by Admiral [[Yamamoto]], commander of the Japanese Navy. This led to a successful mission to intercept his flight and kill him, the theory being that the Japanese would be handicapped without his leadership.

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