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Tradubot[editar la fonte]

This bot changed the name of the actress from Milano to Bilanu.
Why? Varlaam (alderique) 01:20 6 avi 2015 (UTC)Responder[contestar]

It happened because Bilanu is the Asturian translation for the Spanish word Milano (a kind of bird, unrelated to Italian Milano). But, being both words correct, it escaped our radar. Now it has been corrected within the article too, together with certain other errors in templates and images --Oriciu (alderique) 03:39 6 avi 2015 (UTC)Responder[contestar]
Also, I've just changed links to the old name and deleted the unused redirection --Oriciu (alderique) 04:09 6 avi 2015 (UTC)Responder[contestar]
Thanks very much.
I am pleased to have a rational explanation.
Varlaam (alderique) 16:57 9 avi 2015 (UTC)Responder[contestar]